This health program is to implement the following activities:-

  • To provide sexual reproductive health rights and family planning education accompanied with its accurate and precisely information.


  • To empower communities onto primary health care service, first aid, Counseling, nutrition, Malaria, TB, HIV / AIDS and impact of drug abuse based on prevented projects.


  • Environmental conservation such as planting trees, maintaining city garden attractive and collecting garbage,cleaness of city area, roads` and building.


  • Facilitate community based water users committee, environmental committee and health community committee formulation and its roles and responsibilities empowered.


  • To advocate urban and rural schools’ social services provision such as school health hygiene, better latrines, nutrition, noon food, safe and clean water for better schooling environment promoted.


  • To support strong community initiatives in delivering services designed to improve community access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation including waste management program in rural and urban area.

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