This economic program is to implement the following activities:-

  • To empower disadvantageous families and other vulnerable groups with entrepreneurships skills to have quality and sustainable income generating activities.


  • To link the disadvantageous families and other vulnerable groups who are skilled entrepreneurs with the financial institutions for grants and loans to support their income generating activities.


  • To have fund rising program for impact endemic diseases and natural disaster combating or for the purpose of fathering the objective of the AFAP.


  • To support strong community initiatives in delivering services designed to improve community access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation including waste management program in rural and urban area.


  • Organize and conduct managerial training to community based committees’ various program activities implementation such as care takers and other groups.


  • To assist and support in kind and cash to widow, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)) as well as home based cares for betterment.


  • To provides financial services to support community initiatives wanting to formalize their land ownership by acquiring full land title.


  • To support rural and urban human developments program towards poverty alleviation.


  • To formulate and empower financial groups such as Village Community Bank (VIKOBA), saving and Credits Cooperative Society (SACCOS), saving and Credit Cooperative Association (SACCA) to access financial institutions and commercial banking services.


  • Develop initiative focused on addressing the structural poverty barriers for its eradication and growth.



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